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haha loved it!

And those are the same characters from "Love me forever" :D
Do you have two profiles or what?

Anywhy loved it! Keep making these cool videos!
And keep using Spike and Nana:D

SpikeVallentine responds:

yes, two profiles.


So Foamy should stop just because you have a problem? You could just - oh let me se - not watch his cartoons? I love foamy And i don't feel offended, i just can't see a problem. It's not the graphics but the things he say that's funny. So just because you don't like it shouldn't exist, and he should just stop... That's facisim. Just don't watch and let the fans watch. Just like im never gonna see a cartoon by you again cause i think you are an arrogant son-of-a-bitch. But im not gonna start a hate-toon to make you stop.

rtil responds:

i don't watch his cartoons. i know he still makes them, though.

you're taking this cartoon too seriously. and please, yes, don't watch anymore of my cartons. they won't make it all the way through your thick skull. just like this one.

Snachip you sick fuck!

What the fuck is wrong with that dick?!
Can't a guy have he's wife in a movie without people writing things like that?! "I fucked priscilla" what the FUCK is wrong whit you!? Yeah she's beautiful, but just because you can't get one dosn't meen you have to be a sick fuck about it?!
I hate people like this! How do you think Dustball or even more priscilla thinks about it?! How do you live your life knowing you said that about a beautiful girl!?
Can't believe it! Im so mad right now!! Im 14 years old and I know how to behave, and treat a girl! People like you Snachip need help

Nice movie Dustball keep up the good work... and ignore those idiots!

Dustball responds:

Thanks, we appreciate people like you!

It was nice man!

Im danish so i know this story very well... I read it every christmas. I think you did a good job making the story a flash movie... And you should keep up this great work!

~The danish king~

RegisCartoons responds:

I love reviews by danish people :D Glad you liked the movie, which is based on this great story ! Merry Christmas and a Happy new year !
Thank you for the 10


damn that was funny dude... i really liked that link only could make those screams:D
to bad for Link though:P

Overall it was one of the best things i've seen in a long time.
keep up the good work

RogerregoRRoger responds:

Why, thank you :)
The screams were actually never considered to be an actual joke, but were more confinient then having Link just say .... all the time..Glad it worked out in a funny way then :)

man this is cool

You make it look like a game!
that is so cool...like a indiana jones game or something.
Cant wait till the full version is out!
Keep Op the good work :)

ecstasy122 responds:

thank you!

man that was great!

You are good dude.
just keep up the good work.

P.S. I like your sticks

Riggadaddy responds:

Thanks Man!! I like your work too!


oh man i love all your movies.keep up the good work Knox

Knox responds:

sure thing boss!

give me the gun! NO it's mine

man that was funny.bang bang you are all dead.
make more make more!!!

Knox responds:

i will....twister..the HOT SPOT....man..

man this fucking rocks

you are one of my favorites author
you rock.but i didnt understand the ending...
but you are one of the best author on NG

P.S. that black sonic who is he???

BritishGolgo13 responds:

Wow, thank you! The black Sonic is just a silhouette of Sonic because the sun was behind him and it makes it more dramatic for an ending.

hey im from denmark.

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